We work toward our mission by

1. Providing organization and professional training and technical assistance, such as:

  • Harm Reduction (introductory and advanced)​                        
  • Syringe access and disposal
  • Injection drug use for non-IDUs
  • Opioid overdose recognition and response
  • Incorporation overdose into substance use disorder treatment
  • Prescription medicines and harm reduction
  • Emerging trends in substance use and new psychoactive substances

2. Providing free overdose prevention and harm reduction-based services at our drop-in, for example:

  • Overdose prevention and naloxone
  • Substance use management and safer substance use
  • HIV, viral hepatitis and bacterial infection prevention
  • Assisted referral to substance use disorder treatment

3. Encouraging and engaging in a public conversation about evolving practices and creative strategies to minimize drug related harm, like our annual Opioid Awareness panel/films at the State Theater

Our Mission

Harm Reduction Michigan’s mission is to decrease substance use-related harms in Michigan, in a respectful manner in collaboration with people who use drugs and alcohol.  We are dedicated to improving our community’s health and well-being by supporting people in abstinence, moderation and safer use…we believe in any positive change. We are a non-profit that is supported by donations.